Weekends on the farm

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Weekends on the farm

[Originally posted May 10, 2014]

I try to find a little time each weekend to work on farm projects – although as the 2014 National Music Festival approaches, that times becomes more limited!  Today I planted leeks, Christmas lima beans, Amish Pie squash and Marina di Chioggia squash.  (A few days ago my mother and I planted zucchini.)  Tomorrow I need to plant my kale and onion seedlings, and asparagus crowns.


Last weekend Richard and I installed an automatic chicken door, which is the most wonderful thing! It has a photo sensor, which allows it to open at dawn and close at dusk without any effort on our part – we don’t have to program its open and close times. The chickens (and turkeys) caught on fairly quickly, and it is so nice to wake up and know that the poultry are already out in their pen. It will also make life easier during the Festival, when we will know that they will be securely locked in their coop at sundown, even when we are out until very late at night.

IMG_5744 IMG_3198

Also last weekend, I tilled the garden – with some help from hubby and the chickens.


The flowers are just incredible here right now! We are grateful to have found a new home that is so beautifully landscaped!


The news from the poultry front (isn’t there always news from the poultry front?) is that the eldest batch of chicks have figured out how to roost, we got six new chicks to keep our little one with the deformed legs company, and not one but two hens have gone broody! One is sitting on Welsummer eggs, and the other is sitting on guinea eggs that were given to us by a friend. If they hatch, they will be our first guineas!

photo 2IMG_5752

We have had quite the turtle migration here recently. I’ve lost count of how many snapping turtles we have relocated. They must have spent a number of years migrating annually between our pond and Sassafras Creek. Last fall, after we put up the horse fence, we found two snapping turtles trying to get out. We didn’t think any more of it until we found two more this spring – this time trying to get in! I think Richard has relocated at least eight snappers recently, maybe more. We have also found quite a few painted turtles trying to get it; those we did put in the pond. And one tiny snapper we allowed into the pond. Always an adventure!


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