We are finished hatching for 2017. Please email to be placed on our list for pre-orders for chicks, poults, and goslings for 2018!

See below for started birds for sale.

For 2018, we plan to hatch weekly from early March through late May, and then resume from July through September after a break in June. Orders will be filled in the order received and placed on our list (though you may indicate preferred dates and/or black-out dates when you contact us to be placed on the list.)

We aim to hatch out on Wednesdays and have chicks available for pick up Thursday through Monday. You will receive an email (most likely on a Thursday morning) when your birds are ready.

At this time, we do not ship birds.


Started birds for sale: (updated July 20, 2017)

Double Forte Farm currently has a few started birds for sale:


– 1 Welsummer pullet, about 6 weeks old, $15

– 2 Dominiques, about 6 weeks old, $10 each (sold as straight run but I believe it’s one pullet and one cockerel)

– 6 Ameraucanas, about 6 weeks old, $10 each (straight run; 2 black, 2 blue, 2 splash)

Take all 9 chickens listed above for $85.


– 4 young mixed breed ducks, roughly 9 weeks old; the parent flock is a mix of mostly mallards with some runner blood as well. $12 each or all 4 for $40. Selling as straight run but three of them look to be female.


-2 young turkeys, roughly 7 weeks old; I raise Chocolate and Bourbon Red turkeys but am not selling these as pure because my birds were free ranging together, not separated into breeding pens. One looks like it is probably full Chocolate and the other is definitely a cross. $12 each or $20 for both.

The price if you take all birds listed is $120.

All birds are for pickup only in Galena, MD. Please bring your own box or crate. Please feel free to email us to purchase birds or with questions. We would be happy to email you photos upon request.