Saber is now a gelding

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Saber is now a gelding

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[Originally posted September 16, 2014 at]

No photos this time, but I wanted to post an important update in Saber’s life: he is now a gelding!

He was gelded yesterday and gave us a few scary moments with excessive bleeding after the surgery. The vet had to come back and stitch him up to get the bleeding under control. Today Saber seemed quite comfortable. His swelling is less than expected he was happy to get back out to the pasture. His stitches come out on Thursday.

He actually seemed more comfortable today than his buddy Casidy. Casidy had his annual vaccinations yesterday and today his neck was too sore to graze. I wish I had gotten a video this morning of Casidy looking at his feed bucket (which was on the ground) and pawing the ground while looking at me as if to say, “Mommy, pick it up!” He was much happier when I held the bucket for him. Soreness after vaccinations is common, and Casidy will most likely feel fine tomorrow. In the meantime, some hay in the run-in shed hay racks gives him an option to eat without having to put his head down.

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