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I have to confess, one of the reasons I chose to start this blog now is that I have 10 chicks in the house, and I wanted to post cute photos and videos.

Peeps in the living room - just after we brought them home, February 24, 2014.

My husband, Richard, went to do some errands on February 24, and texted me this photo from Tractor Supply:


I texted back, asking how many he was bringing me. I was joking – honestly. But when he asked how many and of what kind, I couldn’t resist. I met him in Middletown for a Vietnamese lunch special (yum!) and then we went back to Tractor Supply and picked out four Buff Orpington pullets, four black sex-link pullets and two White Plymouth Rocks. I tend to avoid white breeds because they remind me of factory-farmed chickens, but Richard said I was being a poultry bigot, so we got two of the White Plymouth Rocks. They are straight run, which means we don’t know whether they are male or female.


This is the first time I’ve raised chicks, and I’m having a blast! They are adorable and endlessly entertaining.

Click below to check out a hilarious video of the chicks, taken today. It was taken on an iPhone, and they could see themselves on the screen.

I have more chicks coming this spring from Whitmore Farm (10 Delawares and two Ameraucanas), so there will be more cuteness to come!

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