Mud everywhere!

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Mud everywhere!

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This warm December weather has been so very strange. Today it was so warm that I was working outside in a tank top. the recent rains have refilled the pond (which is nice), but have also turned every part of the farm to MUD (which is not nice). It’s slippery, sloppy, stinky and gross. I’m hoping we get a little break from the rain, although I know we don’t have it nearly so bad as those in the south who are dealing with flooding.

All that said, the warm weather is not so bad when it comes to getting work done outside. Today I cleaned out the small coop, which currently houses 26 young chickens (mostly Delawares, and a few Ameraucanas and Welsummers). These were chicks that came from Whitmore Farm in late September, and they will be added to our breeding flocks in the spring. I spread the dirty bedding on the garden and tilled it in, along with some ash from our wood stoves.

Of course, to do that I had to first replace the wheels on the garden tiller. The poor tiller is probably about as old as I am. It was my father’s when I was a child, and now my step-dad struggles to keep it running year after year. Something is always breaking. I think this thing is the bane of his existence sometimes.

I borrowed it from my parents a couple of weeks ago, and got most of the garden tilled when one of the wheels fell off. What next?! Never mind, it has two wheels and it’s running, so I can’t complain too much.



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