Meet the animals: Casidy

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Meet the animals: Casidy

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Riding Casidy.

Riding Casidy. Summer 2008.

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I’m planning to write a series of posts introducing you to the various critters, large and small, who make their home here. Casidy is the eldest and has been with me the longest, so he gets the honor of being profiled first.


Casidy was my first horse – we bought him when I was 12 (along with my beloved Karnak, who died in 2007). It’s now March 2014 and in less than two months I will be celebrating my 16th anniversary with Casidy. He was almost five years old when I got him; this year he turns 21. Hard to believe!

Casidy is a registered Arabian gelding (his show name is WH Casidy Bey) who was bred in Delaware and purchased from a show barn in Pennsylvania. I used to show him on the Arabian circuit, mostly in Western and showmanship classes. He’s by no means a top-quality show horse, but we always did reasonably well and he is the sweetest boy a girl could possibly ask for.

Casidy with turkey friends, when we lived in Virginia.

He is also very sweet with other animals, from horses to dogs to…turkeys. When we lived in Virginia, our turkeys used to play with his tail, and he never made turkey burger out of them. (Karnak, who once stomped a pigeon to death in his pasture, would not have been so friendly…)

Sweet horse, staying in that makeshift paddock I made for him...

Cas has always been a very curious horse, which used to get him into trouble a lot – years ago he ran through a fence into a pasture with another gelding, who proceeded to kick him and fracture his splint bone. When we first got him, he got stuck in bramble bushes. When we boarded him at a farm with single-wire electric fence, he ran through it at least eight times. As you can see, he’s mellowed somewhat over the years…

First time riding on our very own property!  Winter 2013.

Checking out my soda. Late summer 2013.

This photo says a lot about Casidy's personality. Summer 2013.

…But he hasn’t lost his curious nature.

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