Meet Saber

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Meet Saber

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[Originally posted April 30, 2014 at]

As of last night, we are fostering Saber Bey SV, an almost-19-year-old Arabian Stallion, for the Arabian Rescue Mission. (If you are not familiar with ARM’s great work, please check them out at

Saber Bey on arrival

Saber’s owners lost their home, and he was in danger of being seized by animal control and euthanized. ARM stepped in to help find him a safe place to land, and we are so happy to be able to help him.


He is thin and in need of some TLC, but very sweet:

IMG_3145 IMG_3153 IMG_3168 photo 1 photo 2(1)

Although he is a stallion, he has settled in quite well with my two geldings:



photo 1

I will post regular updates on his progress. We are looking forward to seeing this boy blossom!

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