Grapevines and garden fences

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Grapevines and garden fences

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Last Saturday I planted our 11 grapevines!  (I would have posted this sooner, but technical problems didn’t allow me to upload the photos until tonight.)

Before ordering our vines, I measured the area where we determined we would plant them – on two sides of the fence around our pool.  After reading up on planting grapes, I calculated that we could plant 11 vines. I had originally thought I would order two or three varieties, but in the end I couldn’t decide, so I ordered eight. For those who may be interested, or may be looking into grape varieties for their own homesteads, here is what we got:

Fredonia: This blue-black grape has impressive longevity – a well-maintained vine can produce for 50 years!

Champanel: A heat-resistant variety of black grape. It’s adaptable and ripens in July.

Black Cowart Muscadine: A vigorous muscadine that ripens early in the season.

Venus: Blue-black in color, this is a sweet grape that ripens in August.

Chardonnay: A white grape that ripens in late September/early October.

Niagara: A white version of the Concord grape, this variety is great for jams and juice.

Himrod: A sweet, cold-hardy white grape.

Vanessa: A winter-hardy red table grape.

I also put up a rudimentary fence around the garden plot, with the hopes of putting the chickens in it to begin “tilling” by digging up the ground and killing the grass in preparation for planting.

I leave you with a couple of nifty turkey photos. I have my other half to thank for these great shots.

photo 5

photo 4

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