…and ducklings…

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…and ducklings…

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[Originally posted March 7, 2014 at caitlinpatton.com/blog.]

The other day I wrote about my new peeps. Those little cuties now have some new housemates – six little Black Australorp chicks, and (perhaps even cuter, if that’s possible) six Khaki Campbell ducklings.


In the car with a box of ducklings and a box of chicks.


I wasn’t sure how it would go, putting day-old chicks and ducklings in the same brooder with week-and-a-half-old chicks. Every source I consulted seemed to have a different opinion – some said it would be fine, others said it was not a good idea. I was concerned that the older chicks might bully the younger ones, but as it turned out that was not the case.

The Black Australorps are tiny little balls of black and yellow fluff.  When I set the first one down among the original chicks, all of the older chicks screamed and ran into a corner! The lone little Australorp stood alone in the center of the brooder, looking bewildered. However, once the rest of the newcomers were added to the mix, everyone settled right in and seemed happy.


The ducklings are ridiculously cute. They are little tufts of brown fuzz, with adorably tiny webbed feet and bills, and the cutest little stubby wings. I’ve never had ducks before, so I’m looking forward to watching these grow up.



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